July 22, 2016

Same Old Thing, In Brand New Drag

So, it’s been quite a while since my last proper blog post, but that’s mainly because for the last 6 months or so, my life has been crazy, to say the least. The 05:30-22:00 non-stop (not even for lunch), daily routine sucked all energy from me and violently made me look forward solely to things such as bathing and sleeping. Getting back to school (for personal reasons, rather for educational purposes, although I do admit it helped me with my craft) was a good idea, a wise move, yet when you try to combine it with a full-time work schedule, it can easily lead you to suicide.

My summer break (from both work and school) will hopefully be a long one (probably until late September, early October), so I feel confident enough I can keep up with your blog posts and why not create a few of my own (too many ideas on hold - my life story).

It’s been a struggle, yes, but at the same time it gave me purpose. Not to mention money. I can see Despair rearing its head in the distance, making faces at me again, but, for the moment, I choose to ignore it.

One gone, four born.

May 11, 2016

The Haunted Portrait

I started working on this portrait sometime in 2014. The more I painted it, the more familiar it seemed. Someone suggested that it was beginning to look like me (must be the whip). It’s been several months since I did anything to it (lack of interest, mainly), but as I am in an artistic mood lately, I think I will give it one last chance to see how that goes. Or just throw it out of the window.
Next stop, the Twilight Zone.

April 30, 2016

Alone In A Room I Have Been In Before

Every time I delude myself that I have actually made half a step forward, everything falls into pieces; pushing me deeper in doubt.

I might have decided to move to Instagram. I think I am going to be more active over there; it’s easier to keep up with things. I just need to find the time to do so (looking forward to unemployment for that). Meanwhile, I'll be adding people. Find me on instagram.com/variationsonlight/

April 10, 2016


The demon Mephisto wagers with God that he can corrupt a mortal man's soul. He selects Faust, an alchemist searching for a cure to a plague which Mephistopheles has visited upon his town.

Faust was Murnau's last German film, before Hollywood, and the most technically elaborate and expensive production undertaken by UFA (it was surpassed by Metropolis the following year).

F. W. Murnau's Faust (Faust – Eine deutsche Volkssage), 1926.

March 19, 2016


I should be tying up loose ends, but my mind is elsewhere. I am worse than a teenager and I acknowledge that.

March 5, 2016

Farewell Handshake

In ancient Greek funerary art, the handshake is a gesture of farewell between the departed and survivors, or of reunion with ancestors in the afterlife. The deceased is depicted sitting or standing, and clasping the hand of someone who is typically shown standing. The gesture (sometimes referred to as dexiosis) is found also in Etruscan and Roman funerary art. Source

Fragment of a marble Attic relief, probably a tombstone. The handshake in funerary reliefs denotes farewell, 4th century BC.


February 27, 2016

In The Mouth Of Madness (Or Someplace Close Enough)

Work, school (high time I went back to that); trains and buses in between. I honestly can’t remember the last time I looked forward to summer. I hope all this torture leads to something/somewhere worthwhile.

Best song for the 6:00 a.m. bus ride:

January 11, 2016

A Note From A Lifelong Fan

I hate to be one of those people who only remember someone when something bad happens. For those out there who actually know me, you can tell that this is sincere. I only saw him once and it took me three years to realize it. I am sure this will take me longer. Half of my dreams suddenly died.

January 9, 2016

Details IV

Enjoying some time away from everything, blank staring. When dreams take over, the ride is often a bumpy one.

January 3, 2016

The Better Late Than Never Christmas Dinner

A few thoughts on things rather than an in depth analysis. I am not a writer, anyway.

I was extremely pleased when they announced that River will be joining the Doctor for the Christmas special, even though it subsequently meant the end of River Song. I was also satisfied with the absence of menacing Christmas Trees and nine inch tinsel ribbons with a mind of their own (there’s an idea!).

Speaking of happy returns, Petronella Osgood made it through that God-awful Zygon purge (or did she?) and came back for two episodes this season. I think “The Zygon Invasion”, “The Zygon Inversion” and the “The Magician's Apprentice” (that opened the season with yet another glorious comeback, that of Missy’s), were my favourite series 9 stories. Not quite sure yet.

I was hoping for Osgood to become the new companion, but apparently she is not annoying enough.

Glad they brought Missy back, she deserves more episodes. Michelle Gomez is beyond ideal for this part.

It was also the last season for Clara. Yes, Clara is gone. Not dead, though (such luck!), just “gone”. And what a character send off. She has her own TARDIS now, sharing it with that nightmare of a creature named Ashildr (or Me, or whatever she calls herself nowadays). Apparently the “impossible-too important (sometimes even more important than the Doctor himself)-girl” shite is back. Meh.

I have mixed feelings for this season. Capaldi is great as the Doctor, but, as I have mentioned before, the writing isn’t. Where has all the passion gone? Am I being a drama queen about it? Probably. Furthermore, I am too tired to make a case for it.