December 27, 2015

December In A Box

I stole the idea from Laura. I think it’s going to be hard to keep up with monthly lists and things but I promise to try (every now and then).

Sound and Vision
*The Sisters of Mercy Live: one day, Andrew Eldritch will give a damn and we’ll see an actual band performing – dreaming is free.
*The Frozen Autumn Live: I always preferred them as a duo; glad to see they are back to that.
*Editors, “In Dream”: a good record; missed their gig a few weeks ago, but I am sure they will be back again, soon.
*Muse “Drones”: maybe a bit uneven. Muse is another band I need to see live.

*The Frankenstein Chronicles: disappointing ending but I can live with it because the rest of the show was good enough. Spoilers: Sean Bean dies.
*The Knick Season 2: such a great show, with such an interesting soundtrack – although not as forceful as in the previous season.
*Doctor Who Christmas Special: now that the series is over, I‘ll write a little something about it, like I always do about this time of the year.
*The Danish Girl: a zillion historical inaccuracies. Expect a work of fiction, not a biography. Redmayne and Vikander were both astounding.

The Walk
*“Mario Merz - Numbers Are Prehistoric”, The Museum of Cycladic Art: extremely masculine; maybe too much for my liking.
*“Digital Revolution”, Onassis Cultural Centre: I liked the “Digital Archaeology” part more than the contemporary displays.
*“The Architect’s Workshop”, The Benaki Museum: nicely staged, interesting crowd.
*“SWISS NOW: Contemporary Swiss Approaches to Architecture”, The Benaki Museum: for informative reasons only.

Black Snake Bookmark
*Technical books regarding concrete and stone structures (practicing slow death).
*The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Sigmund Freud (I can’t stand Freud – part of the “slow death” current theme).
*Women in Ancient Greek Literature, Angel Martinez Fernandez (not nearly as interesting as one might think).

A Makis Skiadaresis print of the “Farewell Handshake” made it to the collection.

A proper post of this find, soon.

December 9, 2015


Last Sunday, I finally saw the Sisters of Mercy live (the original October date was pushed forward to December due to an “outbreak of illness in the band and crew”). I had seen them before and knew what to expect. Nonetheless, hope dies last.

I don’t know if it was a band or a venue issue, but I can safely say that the music I play at my house sounds clearer and probably louder. Now, setlist–wise, they were way too many “Vision Thing” tracks in it, if you ask me, (which is not exactly their best work) and somehow they managed to make the rest of the songs sound like they were off “Vision Thing”, too (even the cover tracks). “Alice” was a good moment (made my bones move quite a bit) and probably “Dominion/Mother Russia”, as well. Eldritch was in a great form vocally and the band well-rehearsed (cough cough).

The crowd seemed tired and not in the least excited. I felt bad for the band but I guess that's what happens when you play speed-up, cut versions of your own songs; not to mention in the lowest possible volume.

The moment it felt like something was about to happen (although it never did):

Note: Mani Deum, the (Greek) opening act, were great. But, six and a half hours of homework prior to the gig, made me a tad anxious to just get over with everything else and skip to the Sisters instead. I promise to pay more attention next time.

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December 2, 2015