December 27, 2015

December In A Box

I stole the idea from Laura. I think it’s going to be hard to keep up with monthly lists and things but I promise to try (every now and then).

Sound and Vision
*The Sisters of Mercy Live: one day, Andrew Eldritch will give a damn and we’ll see an actual band performing – dreaming is free.
*The Frozen Autumn Live: I always preferred them as a duo; glad to see they are back to that.
*Editors, “In Dream”: a good record; missed their gig a few weeks ago, but I am sure they will be back again, soon.
*Muse “Drones”: maybe a bit uneven. Muse is another band I need to see live.

*The Frankenstein Chronicles: disappointing ending but I can live with it because the rest of the show was good enough. Spoilers: Sean Bean dies.
*The Knick Season 2: such a great show, with such an interesting soundtrack – although not as forceful as in the previous season.
*Doctor Who Christmas Special: now that the series is over, I‘ll write a little something about it, like I always do about this time of the year.
*The Danish Girl: a zillion historical inaccuracies. Expect a work of fiction, not a biography. Redmayne and Vikander were both astounding.

The Walk
*“Mario Merz - Numbers Are Prehistoric”, The Museum of Cycladic Art: extremely masculine; maybe too much for my liking.
*“Digital Revolution”, Onassis Cultural Centre: I liked the “Digital Archaeology” part more than the contemporary displays.
*“The Architect’s Workshop”, The Benaki Museum: nicely staged, interesting crowd.
*“SWISS NOW: Contemporary Swiss Approaches to Architecture”, The Benaki Museum: for informative reasons only.

Black Snake Bookmark
*Technical books regarding concrete and stone structures (practicing slow death).
*The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Sigmund Freud (I can’t stand Freud – part of the “slow death” current theme).
*Women in Ancient Greek Literature, Angel Martinez Fernandez (not nearly as interesting as one might think).

A Makis Skiadaresis print of the “Farewell Handshake” made it to the collection.

A proper post of this find, soon.


  1. Amazing pictures, I love this dark gothic vibe <3

    1. Thank you. I blame it on this blog for my monochromatic images - and a plethora of newborn delusions;-)

  2. Sounds very busy! Thanks for mentioning me! Your photos are amazing and inspiring!

    1. Busy indeed. And I only mentioned the things I actually enjoyed - one way or another.
      Thank you. I find it quite thrilling when people can somehow relate to my photos.

  3. Amazing pics and I think, monthly lists are a great idea! Happy New Year! :)

    1. Thank you:-)
      Monthly lists stress me out, to be honest. Mainly because there are times I do nothing but the necessary (and I don't particularly like myself that way).
      Happy New Year!