March 20, 2015


I have been obsessively drawing these past few days – not sure where did that come from. On top of that, I got a bag full of expired films from a local studio (from their trash, to be completely honest), so the films waiting (patiently) to be exposed are piling up. The cheap, smashed, 11-year-old compact camera (which solely produces out-of-focus images) is winning over film, though. Something about the lo-fi nature of it, I guess.

I am working on several photographic projects as we speak; some for the blog, some for my eyes only. Thank goodness my depression works that way (well, half of the time, anyway – the other half I just want to dig a hole and jump in it).

I leave you with an old obsession of mine (he’s been keeping me good company, lately):

Zaine Griff, “The Stranger”, taken from the “FIGVRES” album (1982)
Generation 80 (Belgian TV)