February 8, 2015

Garden Of Delight

I miss working on my balcony garden. Being sick for so long has kept me away from several activities, including gardening. It’s not the right time of the year to re-plant and such but considering the weather is relatively warm, I will do so anyway. The soul needs its medicine, too. Moreover I feel almost myself again (physically) so getting back to my usual activities will help my brain function better and help me overcome my pessimistic thinking (right?).

The pictures were taken in June. Not even I can make a hydrangea bloom in February.


  1. Although, really, who am I to say? Works for me though. :)

  2. Nice photos. Like from the Forest of Darkness.

  3. @Insomniac
    It does for me, also. It's quite therapeutic.

  4. @Sylwia VamppiV Błach
    Thank you! I take my (garden) photography very seriously:-D