January 24, 2015

The Horrors

Stonehearst Asylum (2014): The Asylum scored really low on both critics and viewers ratings, like most of the films I tend to like. “Inspired by a short story from Edgar Allan Poe, Stonehearst Asylum is a tale in which nobody is who or what they appear to be”. I must have watched way too many CSI shows in my life, because the ending was not much of a surprise to me. But, seriously, it is not as bad as one would think.

Ouija (2014): Have you ever tried to make contact with a recently deceased loved one only to get a disturbing dark entity on the other end of the planchette instead? Me neither. If you enjoy teen movies, with an 80’s retro feel, then you are going to like this one. I found it quite entertaining despite all banalities. And Lin Shaye was a pleasant addition to the cast (spoilers). My generally favorable critique of “Ouija”is entirely Lin’s fault, you guessed it.

Before I Go To Sleep (2014): A thriller, for a change. I hope this is the last time Colin and Nicole play house. It didn’t work in The Railway Man (2013), it didn’t work in this one either. Other than that, I almost liked it (for a single watch, on a day you don’t feel like doing anything else but staring at the screen). Great story (based on S. J. Watson's 2011 best-seller novel), about a woman who suffers from anterograde amnesia and wakes every day with no knowledge of who or where she is. We follow her as she tries to reconstruct her memories (and furthermore her life), piece by piece. What if they had concentrated on that alone; rather than on clichés and things that didn’t really add anything to the story. Paranoia: my favourite subject.

Jessabelle (2014): As I have stated numerous times before, I have a thing for house-related movies (not necessarily haunted) and, watching Jessabelle’s trailer, I thought this film would make me a very happy girl. Boy was I wrong. I think Jessabelle must be one of the worst (horror) movies I have ever seen. No rhythm, no suspense, no soul, no colour. The cast was fairly decent but no matter how good an actor is, if the writing and general execution of an idea are bad, disaster in inescapable. I did like the poster, though (what a horrible thing to say).


  1. Emena proswpika mou arese paaara poly to Stonehearst Asylum! Isws na ftaiei ligo kai i emoni mou me tin Kate Beckinsale... Tha dw simera to Ouija mallon mias kai to thimithika twra pou to eida edw. Mou aresoun poly oi tainies pou parousiazeis edw, kai aytes pou einai toso kakes pou einai gamates! hahaha :D


  2. Συμφωνώ απόλυτα με το τελευταίο σχόλιο κι έχω και πρόσφατο παράδειγμα το "As Above, So Below" (κακίες).
    Ναι, στο "Άσυλο" πέρασε ευχάριστα η ώρα:-D

  3. My overactive imagination and belief in supernatural make horror pretty scary for me, so I tend to avoid most horror movies! The asylum one sounds interesting, I am pretty sure I know the story it is based on!

  4. Although I can generally read horror novels without too much trouble, I find I can't really watch a lot of the horror movies. I get way too scared, and the memories stay with me for a VERY LONG TIME. :)

  5. @Laura
    The Asylum is very sweet and romantic (the love story, anyway), so I think you are going to like it:-)

  6. @Insomniac
    Political talk-shows and the News do that for me:-S

  7. Emena me pige o dikos mou cinema na to doume giati mwlis eide Edgar Allan Poe sou leei tha to latrepsei!! :D

  8. "Poe-Beckinsale, και την έχω στο τσεπάκι". Σ'έχει πάρει πρέφα! :-D

  9. Θέλουμε και άλλη μια ζωή για όλες τις ταινίες που δεν θα καταφέρουμε να δούμε σε αυτήν.
    Δλδ και βλέπω και βλέπω και δεν τελειώνουν...

    Οκ τελείωσα το παραλήρημα για σήμερα. Τις έχω κατεβάσει να τις δω και με περιμένουν. Έχω και το Deliver Us from Evil στην αναμονή που θέλω να το δώ λόγο του αμόρε (σινεφίλ να σου πετύχει!), το The Babadook Housebound, το Annabelle (ακόμα!) και το As Above, So Below που δεν ξέρω αν θέλω να το ξεκινήσω. Τα αγαπώ αυτά τα πόστ σου και τα μισώ που με κάνεις να προσθέτω κι άλλες ταινίες :Ρ


  10. Να ‘ταν μόνο οι ταινίες! Φουλ στο απωθημένο.

    Το «Deliver Us from Evil» με απογοήτευσε (πολύ κακό για το τίποτα), αλλά ότι ξεκουράστηκε το μάτι, ξεκουράστηκε;-)
    Το «Housebound» το λάτρεψα! Το «Babadook» το σταμάτησα στα 20’ – τόσο άντεξα. Ο πιτσιρικάς είναι για γερά νεύρα – δεν διαθέτω. Το «Annabelle» άθλιο. Το «As Above, So Below» κακό μεν, αλλά από τη μέση και μετά πέρασε γρήγορα η ώρα.
    Περισσότερα προσεχώς...

  11. I wasn't going to watch Ouija because it seemed like a boring movie, but i think i'll give it a chance. I loved the teen slasher movies of the 80's and maybe the entertainment value will help me forget all the banalities.
    Good reviews.

  12. Thank you. I try to keep my reviews short and to the point.