January 4, 2015

Blue Box, Red Ribbon

It took me a while to post this one, but I have been busy (strangely enough).

Last year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special (alongside Sherlock 3), made me join the “Moffat Bingo” Club. I found it insulting for both Matt Smith and the fans (the Special, not the Bingo). This year, things went slightly better than expected. A well-written, well-acted classic Who monster episode, with a side of Santa (to keep the Christmas light on). Dreams within dreams and an ever-evolving background story. It almost broke me into pieces when the Doctor couldn’t tell the young and older Claras apart. How wonderful would that be, if we could see beyond the surface and actually care about other things but the fa├žade. But that’s just me. The episode was about second chances; and tangerines. I did laugh with the Alien joke, yes. But I didn’t care for the tangerine in the end.

And a few thoughts on series 8, in general:

I liked Capaldi as the Doctor. He brought real depth to the character. Having said that, I found it most frustrating that there was always some sort of a tribute to a previous Doctor, on each and every episode. As if Capaldi was not the Doctor, or not enough of a Doctor, that we needed all previous 11 as a reminder or a cheap tear-jerker. I hate this kind of stunts; pushing emotions down your throat, over and over again.

The writing was not as good as it could have been, if you care for my opinion. “Listen” was brilliant (my favourite series 8 episode, by far), “Mummy on the Orient Express” was equally interesting and from there on, quite a few good story ideas poorly executed, therefore forgettable.

Missy was great; I loved Missy. I truly hope they find a way to bring her back (I am pretty sure they already have). Danny was flat. Gorgeous, yet flat. Clara was a surprise this season. I actually liked her and I am glad she’ll be coming back for series 9. I was never a fan of the whole “impossible girl” nonsense and the fact that she would frequently take the lead but, I can really feel for her after this season.

By the way, I have assured myself that Missy killed the sucker shape-shifter (aka The Zygon), not the actual Osgood (reaches for the inhaler), because I pretend that’s me in the show and I am too young (and sarcastic) to die.

Oh and I STILL hate the opening titles sequence. Could you perhaps go for the “John Smith” version next time? Thank you.


  1. Ooh, that John Smith opening looks pretty cool! Certainly better than the She Wolf of London type clock intro and grating theme that we actually got!

    I'm still not sure what I thought of this year's Christmas special. I only at least know that I didn't think it was bad. Possibly merely mediocre, but it never once made me curse Stephen Moffat's name (again) or hurl things at the TV, so it's at least on better footing than last year's Time of the Doctor, which was so bad, my TV tried to save me by killing its digital signal for the following hour. I was genuinely grateful when that happened!

  2. I thought the Clock intro was going to be a one-timer (for “Deep Breath” only), to honour the fan who originally made it. To my surprise, they kept it for the whole season – I’m glad somebody else thinks it’s awful, too:-/

    “Last Christmas” was far from a masterpiece but way better than the last Christmas special – your TV knew better (by killing the signal). It was horrible!

  3. I wont read your post because of the spoilers ;-).