November 5, 2014

Music Box

I have a long list of horror movies waiting to be reviewed (mainly for my pleasure), yet today I decided to make a top of my favourite music-related movies (never say “musicals” when I am in the room).

This Is Spinal Tap (1984): I think British humour is the kind I can relate to the most. I like the absurdity of it. I like the sarcasm and lack of prohibitions. Spinal Tap tells the story of (fictional) British heavy metal band Spinal Tap, in documentary style. I will never get tired of the “up to 11” joke. :-D

Amadeus (1984): I was too little when I saw Amadeus for the first time (first grade, I believe) and I instantly became obsessed with it. I found it so strange and unlike anything I was supposed to watch or like at the time. I was drawn into the surreal and mad world of it and I would watch it again and again. I wanted Tom Hulce to be my best friend – alongside Robert Smith (happy times).

Sid And Nancy (1986): Gary Oldman; and the Sex Pistols. That should be enough.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975): I have rather unpleasant memories linked to this movie but I do come back to it quite frequently (in a masochistic manner). The only thing I would change about this is Frank’s platforms – I‘d give him pumps (preferably of patent leather). “Science Fiction Double Feature” is the kinda song that you must love in order for me to like you.

Velvet Goldmine (1998): I‘ve mentioned this film before. You can read all about it here. I know every single scene by heart; lyrics included.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001): I truly love Hedwig. So melancholic and beautiful. No happy-endings, no. I think my revulsion towards Michael Pitt has its origins on this one (I had an epiphany last season on Hannibal).

Favourite Soundtracks

I don’t make much sense today, do I?


  1. Yes, yes and yes!!! To all these 'music related' films, and their soundtracks. You have excellent taste! ♥

  2. I didn't think anyone would comment on this post, to be honest:-D

  3. it's just a jump to the left...

  4. i saw a double-record vinyl reedition of the christiane f soundtrack earlier today. one of the two records is just bonus tracks that have nothing to do with the film (interestingly enough one of them is an excerpt from baal - brecht lived in berlin, so let's add him too).

  5. @maria magdalena
    ...and then a step to the right:-)

    Christiane and Brecht. How random!

  6. Ooo, remember and loved many of these movies - but I still get chills over "Bahnhof Zoo"...

  7. I liked the movie more than the book. Bad kitty.