August 24, 2014

Deep Breath

I thought it would be hypocritical to write a Doctor Who “Deep Breath” review today, since I saw the episode more than a month ago (yes, I am one of the many bad whovians who couldn’t resist and watched the leaked episodes), but I decided to do it, anyway. Well, sort of; as I am going to write a more generic spoiler-free review of the new series. So far, the only episode that made me (a) jump off my seat and (b) actually care for the Doctor (like all post-regeneration, introduction episodes should) was the fourth one, “Listen” (probably one my new favourite Who episodes ever).

There were a few things about “Deep Breath” that I really liked, like Madame Vastra’s speech (when the veil disappeared, I was happy for Clara), the Half-Face Man (great visuals, by the way – not present on all occasions but that’s another story; we should be more interested in the plot, right?) and, well, Capaldi himself. He has a strong presence and he gets so much better on the following episodes.

I knew 11 was going to call Clara but I was expecting a voice, to be honest. Seeing Matt Smith on my screen, truly surprised me. Not as much as other things on coming episodes (hint, hint), but it did. By the way, 11 was not one of my favourite Doctors but I did like him. Yes, I know they didn’t think up the phone scene for me but for all the fangirls out there who already miss Smith and wished for a younger Doctor, but I did enjoy the cameo.

Another pleasant surprise was the fact that I am (finally) starting to like Clara – both role and Jenna’s acting have improved. Hopefully she is going to make it through the season (whenever I start to like someone on a TV series or a movie, they either die or really die). Not sure about Missy, yet.

Speaking of Clara, why the heck did she make so much fuss over the Doctor’s change of face? She’s seen all of them! She knows how it goes. She can’t be that ignorant and superficial. Or are they suggesting we (whovians) are?

Finally, I like the new take on the theme. Very 80’s. The opening credits, not so much (sorry, Billy; I envy you, that’s all).


  1. I have been watching through Dr Who series for a time now but have only reached season 5 with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan so far. It always takes some time to use oneself with a new doctor. I guess Im most fond of the 10th and Donna Noble combination. She were very stubborn and bossy against him and I liked that ( In the end it was her own insecurity that shone through).
    so therefore I skimmed through this post only to look at the photos :)

  2. I agree; 10 and Donna had great chemistry. I am sick of companions who have a thing for the Doctor:-/ Donna was the Doctor’s friend (and someone to kick him in the face, when necessary), and that was a huge change from previous characters.

    Haha! There are spoilers in the pictures, too:-D

  3. I have never gotten into Doctor Who, and I don't really feel like starting it now when the doctor is an old geaser. But I might try out the above mentioned number 10 :)

  4. Nooo! Don't say that! :-(
    I always pictured the Doctor as an older man so, I was really excited when Capaldi took the part.

    10 is a good start;-)
    He's my second favourite Doctor (4 was my first and always MY Doctor).