July 8, 2014

Genre: Horror

Oculus (2014): The mirror did it! I was looking forward to this, mainly because I like Karen Gillan so much (I can’t hide, can I?). I wasn’t disappointed, although they were numerous clich├ęs and several foreseeable twists that made me moan a little. The plotline was weak and most of the flashbacks a tad unnecessary. But, oh well, I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, to be honest. If you had to cherry-pick between 10 years in the madhouse or a decade of Indiana Jones complex, what would you go for? What Karen said.

(2013): A fun, fresh faux documentary (“found footage” drive most people away, so we’ll go by that term), made by a group of friends for their own pleasure, yet seriously enough for any audience, really. I liked the story (although vampires aren’t exactly my cup of tea) and the chemistry between the central characters. I also enjoyed the special effects – nothing extravagant yet realistic enough to make you wonder about things. I can hardly wait for the (obvious) sequel. I was positively surprised by this one. Well done, kids.

13 Sins (2014): Did you say franchise? This is actually a remake from a 2006 Thai film titled “13: Game of Death”. Elliot is not doing very well financially (honesty and sales don’t mix well), when he receives a call from a mysterious man and agrees to participate in a game on the premise that he would receive a few million dollars once he achieves to complete 13 tasks. However, if he fails any task, he’ll lose all the money he’s won and have to deal with the consequences on his own (it does make sense). And while the game begins with unadventurous and plain tasks (kill the fly – eat the fly), it soon drags him into a point of no return (gee, was I the only one who saw that coming?). Mark Webber takes the spiral down to hell realistically (excellent choice for this role) while the voice on the phone is this close to introduce himself as Charlie (“good morning, angel… err…Elliot”). It is a nicely done thriller although the conspiracy theories made my eyes roll. Not every single little detail must be explained, remember?

Patrick: Evil Awakens (2013): Low-budget remake of the 1978 “Patrick” horror movie. Just because Patrick is in a coma, it does not mean that he can’t kill everybody around him, especially the ones he cares about. I think I only liked the first half; especially the music crescendos. I liked the old-school approach. I like it when building tension is more important than blood and torture. As long as the story and acting agree with it, of course (in this case, not so much).