May 24, 2014


Still on waiting mode (dare I say I‘ve mastered the art of that). These past few weeks have been really stressful and complicated but at least I got the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family, something I am not very keen on doing. Hopefully this summer is going to be a busy one and distract the hell out of me (focusing on details is not always a good thing; you miss the bigger picture).

And speaking of pictures, have you seen “Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)”, yet?

Great cast, lovely photography, interesting art direction (certainly very pleasing to the eye), praiseworthy soundtrack but, something was missing. I needed more intriguing characters, I guess. I liked the story but it seemed incomplete to me. Like the films I keep in my drawer and never actually develop. Maybe it was meant to be seen by romantics only (which I am clearly not). Anyhow, I did like it (very much, to be honest), I just hoped for more. Don’t let the first 30 minutes bore you away, it does get better. Oh and by the way the title is not a reference to the 1981 “Only Lovers Left Alive” Wanderers album (sadly, that story never left my head), but I can’t complain much since ”Can't Hardly Stand It” (by Charlie Feathers) was included in the soundtrack and that truly made my day - I literally jumped off my seat when it started to play (some songs do that to me).

May 6, 2014

This Journey Could Be Long

I think the highlight of my week so far was last night, when the rain just poured down on me and washed away my usual draining thoughts. Just for that second there, I was pleased.