December 26, 2013

Am I Bovvered, Though?

*and obscene language*

The 12th is here; or 13th; or 14th; or whatever the fuck Moffat said. Why oh why do they have to explain every goddamn single tiny detail? I hated it in LOST, I hated it last night on “The Time of the Doctor”, the Christmas Doctor Who special (yes, him again). We knew before last night’s arithmetics that the (officially) 11th was the last Doctor - a man in fucking flames doesn’t exactly pass unnoticed. I was really furious in that scene (and in other scenes as well, to be honest). The whole story seemed so rushed, so childish. And at times offensive, really – forcing emotions down your throat. Could it be they don’t give a fuck?

And Clara, a year after she became the Doctor’s companion is still the girl who simply looks good next to the leading star. A girl for d├ęcor is a fad that keeps coming back.

I hope they won’t turn the series into the kind that the trailer is better than the actual thing.

What I did like:
• He’s been helping you for a thousand years, high time you helped him back. The crack in the sky was an awe-inspiring moment.
• Amy! I instantly related to Amy in the “The Eleventh Hour” and I hated it when she left (died). It would have been fun if Karen had taken her wig off, too:-D
• Matt Smith’s outstanding performance (when Tennant left, I hated the idea of an even younger Doctor but Matt Smith did a great job). Even when the lines were way too tacky.
• Peter Capaldi. The introduction was too generic (and a longer regeneration would have been better) but I am glad they finally went for an older version of the Doctor. And even happier that they picked Capaldi for the part (I have high expectations of him; we’ll see).

What I didn’t like:
Did you miss the first few paragraphs’ delirium? Just because the Doctor and the Silence are buddies now and Trenzalore is not Tomb Planet anymore, does not mean that I am OK with the rest of the shite that not even Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Mother Superior of the Papal Mainframe AND Handles can’t wash away.

By the way, were by any chance the kids drawings in the Doctor’s chambers real? Did they use actual fan drawings? So sweet, if so; yet still not impressed. Pip pip!

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