September 25, 2013

Thursday's Child

A couple of the prints are up: "Sarah enters the Labyrinth" (Labyrinth, 1986) and Edward Gorey’s "Z is for Zillah" (The Gashlycrumb Tinies, 1963).

They were supposed to be part of the entrance-living room restyling but NO! I had to keep them in the other room where there is literally not enough space for a single pin. So far I have collected quite a few pictures and a couple of actual paintings as well. If only I could afford proper framing.

*The Pomegranate painting is by a young contemporary artist whose name I simply can’t remember; I apologize. It’s probably a detail of a larger painting. If anyone identifies the painting, please let me know; I really liked his portfolio.


  1. As I'm packing up our house and all the prints I've collected over the years, I realize how lucky I've been to get as many beautiful frames as I have from the thrift store! I'd say roughly 80% of the best looking frames I have are from there. Now they seldom fit the print properly but I bought a mat cutter and honestly, I've saved so much money by buying gorgeous old thrifted frames and doing my own matting (which is really easy!)that it's allowed me to spend the savings on my other vice - books. ;o)

  2. Most of my frames (and decorative things in general) come from thrift stores, too:-p It's like a disease: if something isn't scratched or chipped, it doesn't belong with me. Mat cutters frustrate me - I never seem to get the right angle:-/