April 18, 2013

It Looks Like A Skull

I’ve been looking for a skull painting or anything with a skull on it (preferably a large jewelry box) for quite some time now but the only thing close to such a find was a couple of poorly printed Vincent Van Gogh posters which were too large for my walls to begin with; and also shockingly expensive, considering the awful pixelated quality of the prints. So, I decided to try to paint one myself (a skull, not a Van Gogh).

I used a simple black and white (almost lithographic) line illustration of a skull as a guide which was not a very smart idea because that meant I had to basically imagine how all the shading and colour tones would be if the skull was actually real. However, and to my surprise, it went well. It’s not perfect and, to be honest it looks more like a zombie (about to have a stroke) than a skull, but I like it nonetheless.

I thought about rendering it (blame it on the Photoshop, kids) a little bit – especially round the chin – and also darken the left eye socket and, of course continue the rest of the teeth line which, for some strange reason I left unfinished (he looks like he’s about to spit tobacco or whistle), but in the end I decided I liked its flaws. So, I framed it instead. Next time I’ll be more proficient. I promise.


  1. Οτι θελεις να κανεις σωστα, καντο μονος σου! Πλεον εδω και πολυ καιρο ειμαι αυτης της αποψης!

    Μια χαρα ειναι ο πινακας! Μπραβο σου!!! Ειτε θα το φανταστεις το σχεδιο η θα παρεις ενα πρωτοτυπο και θα το δημιουργησεις στο χαρτι!

  2. DIY indeed! Το επόμενο (σχεδιαστικό) project θα είναι πιο περίπλοκο - κι ελπίζω εξίσου επιτυχημένο ;-)