January 5, 2013

Yellow Sacrifice

“The King in Yellow” is a collection of tales, linked between them by either The King in Yellow (sometimes a book, sometimes a mysterious creature) or The Yellow Sign, written by Robert W. Chambers back in 1895. I read it more than ten years ago and I have returned to it several times. I do enjoy tales of the macabre and supernatural, although it is easy to go from horrific to horrible - not “The King”, though. If you like this kind of literature, I highly recommend it.

Speaking of things that can easily go from horrific to horrible, have you seen “Sinister”? That film could have been so good (although Ethan Hawke is not exactly my cup of tea), but somewhere along the way things went downhill. The soundtrack is great though, and one song in particular seriously messed me up – couldn’t get it out of my head for days.

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