January 11, 2013

Always Crashing In The Same Car

On January 8th David Bowie (turned 66 and) released a new single, the first in almost a decade, combined with a promise of a new album in March (produced by Tony Visconti, no less). I didn’t like the song (oh well) but I am going to wait for the album to come out for further criticism:-/

What really got on my nerves though was the never-ending “Berlin Trilogy” reference. I am not sure if it’s a Bowie obsession or a media trick to brainwash us that this album is “the best since Low”, but seriously, this joke is getting old. What the hell is wrong with you people? Why must everything Bowie does (album-wise) has to be compared to “Low” or “Heroes"*? “Low” happens to be my favourite Bowie album (and favourite album in general, along with The Cure’s “Pornography”) and it makes me want to pick up a baseball bat and smash heads every time some ass who once read on some mag that “Low” is the shit, compares everything else to that. Even if the album was called “This Is About The Berlin Trilogy”, I wouldn’t want to hear a thing about the Berlin Trilogy. Bowie has made some great records, some not so great records and now he made a new record. It's that simple. Really.

* “Lodger” wasn’t as good, sorry.

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