December 26, 2012

Run, Clever Readers (Major Spoilers)

Be warned: this is a random quick post about time travel and being a strange girl with a knack of grinning or growling at crucial (television and other) moments.

First of all, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special (oh, shut up already) was probably the best ever! I sound like a 6 year-old, I know, but the Doctor and I have a long history together, so all silliness and madness is expected, if not required. The story, the new companion, Richard E. Grant, Ian McKellen, the new intro (yes, that was indeed a face), the Sherlock hints (ah, if only), the stairway to the (new) Tardis, every single detail was truly the ideal antidote to the poisonous last few days (got a virus too, among other things - hooray). I hope the rest of the season will be as good. And I also hope Matt Smith will be as energetic as he was in the first season – he kind of slowed down this year, don’t you think? Or maybe I should quit sugar.

As for the other Christmas Special, Downton Abbey, *SPOILER ALERT* Dan Stevens was finally given “the chance to do other things”. Good luck. We’ll miss you. But then again the episode took place a year ahead from the season finale so, maybe he is not going to be missed all that much (6 years of watching LOST does that to you). We’ll see.

Gone fishing

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