July 22, 2016

Same Old Thing, In Brand New Drag

So, it’s been quite a while since my last proper blog post, but that’s mainly because for the last 6 months or so, my life has been crazy, to say the least. The 05:30-22:00 non-stop (not even for lunch), daily routine sucked all energy from me and violently made me look forward solely to things such as bathing and sleeping. Getting back to school (for personal reasons, rather for educational purposes, although I do admit it helped me with my craft) was a good idea, a wise move, yet when you try to combine it with a full-time work schedule, it can easily lead you to suicide.

My summer break (from both work and school) will hopefully be a long one (probably until late September, early October), so I feel confident enough I can keep up with your blog posts and why not create a few of my own (too many ideas on hold - my life story).

It’s been a struggle, yes, but at the same time it gave me purpose. Not to mention money. I can see Despair rearing its head in the distance, making faces at me again, but, for the moment, I choose to ignore it.

One gone, four born.

May 11, 2016

The Haunted Portrait

I started working on this portrait sometime in 2014. The more I painted it, the more familiar it seemed. Someone suggested that it was beginning to look like me (must be the whip). It’s been several months since I did anything to it (lack of interest, mainly), but as I am in an artistic mood lately, I think I will give it one last chance to see how that goes. Or just throw it out of the window.
Next stop, the Twilight Zone.